Useful contact information

Danish Patient Safety Authority

This is the authority in charge of issuing authorisations to medical doctors in Denmark. 
Telephone: +45 7228 6600

The Danish Ministry of Health
Telephone: +45 7226 9000 

Akademikernes A-kasse (Unemployment Insurance Fund) 
Telephone: +45 3395 0395

Lægernes Pension & Bank (Pension fund)
Telephone: +45 3312 2141

Danish Refugee Council
Telephone: +45 3373 5000

New to - The Official Portal For Foreigners and Integration 

Where do I find jobs in Danish public healthcare?

All vacant positions within public healthcare can be found on

General practitioners, specialised practitioners, temporary positions and senior positions are advertised at

Positions in the medical industry and at private hospitals are advertised by the companies themselves. 

If you need to apply for a job in Denmark, we recommend visiting the website Here you can find rules for residence and work, life in Denmark, tax rules etc.

Regional councils for postgraduate medical training

In order to find out more about how you can best apply your qualifications to the Danish healthcare system, we advise you to contact one of the three regional councils for postgraduate medical training. 

Language courses

Please note that you may be have to fullfil specific language requirements to obtain a Danish authorisation.
Further information can be found on the Danish Patient Safety Authority’s website

A list of Danish language course providers can be found here

Contact with other foreign doctors

Connect with other doctors who have received their medical training abroad via these Facebook-groups

The medical society ‘The Danish Medical Women’s Association’ offers mentorship for all doctors who have received their medical training abroad. Visit their website for further information.