Welcome to the Danish Medical Association

Are you interested in working as a doctor in Denmark? We have collected useful information, links and addresses in English, where you can learn more about authorisations, benefits as a member, life and work in Denmark etc.
Please be aware, we are not able to advise non-members, or to assist you with your authorisation process. 
All questions must be directed to The Danish Patient Safety Authority (Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed).

Working as a doctor in Denmark

In order to work as a doctor in Denmark, you need to obtain a Danish authorisation.
The public institution The Danish Patient Safety Authority (Styrelsen for Patientsikkerhed) is responsable for the authorisation. 
Please be aware, that we are not able to assist you with the authorisation process. 
Find more info on the process below.

Where did you receive your medical training?

Your benefits as a member of the Danish Medical ​Association

Almost all doctors working in Denmark are members of the organisation. This gives us a strong voice in representing the interests of doctors and health issues in general.
In order to become a member, you have to have your Danish authorisation.

As a member of the Danish Medical Association you have access to a large number of benefits and services:

  • guidance on salaries and working conditions,
  • legal advice and counselling,
  • guidance on your career,
  • network with and support from other doctors,
  • reduced prices on a range of products and services, such as insurances,
  • and many other benefits.

Read more about your benefits as a member (pdf)