Establish a network

Get a mentor. The Danish Medical Association offers a special mentor program for medical doctors, who have arrived in Denmark as refugees.

A mentor can help you:

  • with clarification and inspiration to your life as a doctor in Denmark
  • writing applications and C.V.
  • understanding the hidden agenda when applying for and working in Denmark
  • getting in contact with more Danish doctors
  • understanding how things work at a Danish workplace
  • understanding the Danish Health System.

To get a mentor, you need to:

  • have arrived in Denmark as a refugee
  • have obtained asylym/residence permit
  • be in the process of applying for authorisation as a medical doctor in Denmark.

If you are interested in getting a mentor through the Danish Medical Association or have any questions, please contact Bodil Gavnholt at

Seek contact to other foreign doctors in Denmark
The Danish Medical Association does not have an online group for foreign medical doctors, but it is possible to find groups on Facebook, where you can establish contact to other foreign doctors in Denmark. 

Other ideas
It is always difficult to be a newcomer, no matter where you are. You always have to be the first to make contact. It is a good idea to get a job while you learn Danish and are waiting for your authorisation. Another way to get a Danish network is to engage in local activities like a local sports club or other places where you can work as a voluntary.