Working for the UN

Tuesday 1 October 2019, 16:00-19:30

Would you like to know how it is to work for the UN around the globe? And are you curious as to what kinds of employment opportunities there are in the UN system? Then you should come for this event in UN City organized by Djøf, IDA and YL in collaboration with UN City Copenhagen.

The UN offers a wide range of employment opportunities for people at different stages of their career and with different academic backgrounds. As a student, you can do internships in one of the UN’s many organizations, and for graduates the UN offers Junior Professional Officer (JPO) programmes. The UN also recruits mid-career professionals specializing in different fields.

Regardless of type of employment and location, the UN is a great opportunity for those, who thrive in an international and multicultural environment and wish to work for peace, social and economic progress all around the world.

On this evening in UN City, we will introduce you to the different employment opportunities in the UN system, the different fields of work of the resident UN agencies in UN City, and how it is to work for the UN through personal career accounts. You will meet staff from all agencies in UN City Copenhagen covering a broad range of topics and employment records.

Please note that that there will be a security check similar to the one in an airport. You should therefore bring a photo-ID in order to get into the UN City building. You can check-in from 16:00-17:30. The doors will close at 17:30.


16:00-17.30: Check-in/Meet n’ Greet 

The Sustainable Development Goals not only depict the world we want by 2030, but also represent global job opportunities within the UN system. Meet UN staff working within your field of interest and find out what it is like to work with e.g. health, infrastructure, environment, or procurement in the UN system.

Sandwiches and coffee will be served in the Canteen.

17:30-18:15: Plenary (Auditorium 1-3)

17:30-17:35: Welcome by Camilla Brückner, Director of UNDP Nordic Office (tbc)

17.35-17:55: What is the UN looking for in a candidate? The UN Competency Based Framework, by Rana Irshaid Andersen, Human Resources Associate, UNDP (tbc)

17:55-18:15: What are the contracts and employment opportunities in the UN? By Tina Friis Hansen, Director of People and Change Group, UNOPS (tbc)

18:15-18:30: Break (Lobby)

Guests may serve themselves to fruit in the Lobby and subsequently make their way to the break-out sessions.

18:30-19:30: Personal career accounts from UN staff and further information and answers to your questions regarding employment opportunities in the UN

(Lounge area 9): How is it to work in the UN and what are the employment opportunities for candidates with several years of professional experience?

(Auditorium 3): How is it to work in the UN and what are the internship and Junior Professional Officer (JPO) opportunities for graduates and young professionals?

(Auditorium 1-2): How is it to work in the UN and what are the employment opportunities for candidates with a medical degree?

19:30: End of event