About the Danish Medical Association

The specific objectives of the DMA, as stated in its statutes, are: to unite Danish doctors in order to protect the interests of the medical profession, and to serve as the body through which the influence of the medical profession may be exercised on general social issues in the best interest of health and the health care system.

While DMA is on one hand a lobby organization for Danish doctors it is also recognized by the Parliament, the national health administration, the Ministries, and the private sector as an expert and advisory body for the authorities in medical questions and is represented in a number of official committees and working parties.

Nearly all Danish doctors are members of the DMA. Total number per 1 January 2015: 27,611. There are three subdivisions:
Danish Association of Junior Hospital Doctors (Yngre Læger or YL): 11,487 members 
Danish Association of Medical Specialists (FAS): 8,205 members 
Organisation of General Practitioners in Denmark (PLO): 5,203 members 
Student membership: None (not open to students) 

Lægeforeningen (Danish Medical Association)
Kristianiagade 12, DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark 
Phone No.: +45 35 44 85 00 (hours available) 9.00-16.00 
Telefax: +45 35 44 85 05
E-mail: dadl@dadl.dk   

The highest authority of the DMA is the Assembly of Representatives which meets once annually. The assembly appoints the DMA council, which is responsible for the day-to-day leadership of the DMA. It consists of a chairman and nine members, three each representing the three subdivisions. 

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Number of full-time employed persons: appr. 170 (including the craft organizations).